To Apply for Funding

Submissions for 2023 will be accepted until August 31, 2023 by mail to the address below or by email to

Trinity Jubilee Foundation
1099 Maitland Ave
Ottawa, ON K2C 2B8
Attn: Rosemary Gibb, President

The following information is required:

  • The name of your organization and the year of incorporation.
  • The Canadian Registered Charity number of the organization.
  • The name of the project for which you are seeking funding.
  • A detailed description of the project and how the funding would be used.
  • How will the project help people develop community-based solutions?
  • How will volunteers be used?
  • How will the local community be involved in the planning and development of the project?
  • How will the project be sustainable and contribute long-term benefits?
  • Will there be a link with other organizations for support and follow-up?
  • How will the impact of this funding on your project's goals be evaluated?
  • Please note that successful applicants will be expected to submit an evaluation of the effectiveness of the project.